Seasonal Rituals

Celebrate the Seasons, Cycles of the Moon, and the Divine Feminine

Seasonal Rituals

In the Old World of my ancestors, the agricultural year was celebrated with seasonal rituals. There were rituals for planting, growing, harvesting, as well as seasonal rituals that honored the ancestors.

  • Spring Equinox - Ostara
  • Summer Solstice - Litha
  • Autumn Equinox - Mabon
  • Winter Solstice - Yule

Celebrate the cross-quarter festivals of Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas, and Samhain, too!

Seasonal ritual for spring, white bunny with a basket of colored eggs

Moon Magic

Each phase and sign of the Moon offers an opportunity to work with the magic of change.

  • New Moon - Be guided by your instincts
  • First Quarter - Take action
  • Full Moon - See the results of your work
  • Last Quarter - Reflect and prepare to start anew
A crow silhouetted before a full moon

Grow with Goddess-Inspired Rituals

Rituals inspired by the divine feminine from cultures the world over help us align with nature, chart our path, and discover our purpose. Work with:

  • Persephone to explore the mother-daughter bond
  • Yemaya to explore the Middle Passage
  • Sedna to explore betrayal
  • Brigid to explore poetry, healing, and smithcrafting
Woman in white gown drops flowers on the ocean to honor Yemaya

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