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All of the items in my shop, Moon River Rituals, make beautiful gifts. You’ll find an assortment of handcrafted (by me) linen and cotton drawstring treasure bags that can be used to hold a journal, or a deck of tarot cards or some other item. Some of these bags offer more:

  • The bag with a family of unicorns on the front comes with an optional ritual for a baby blessing.
  • The bag with a giant panda on the front comes with an optional ritual promoting the qualities of gentleness, patience, and the wisdom of getting enough sleep.
  • The bag with a dog on the front comes with an optional memorial ritual to honor the death of a dog.

Jewelry can come with an associated ritual, too. So can my handfasting cords, horseshoes, beaded keys, hanging crystals, wooden spoons, linen and lace shawls and scarves.

One shawl in particular is trimmed with an Australian Aboriginal’s design of the Goddess Banumbirr, the Goddess known in other parts of the world as Venus in her powerful phase as the Morning Star.

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