Group Rituals

Heal Your Community. Heal the World.


One of the most beautiful ways to express love for a friend or family member is to gift that person with symbols of abundance:

  • Chocolate for love
  • Coins for wealth
  • Herbs for health
  • Flowers for happiness

RITUAL: SPIRIT SPOONS - a little kitchen magic

Your coffee, tea, soup, pasta ...  How you stir makes a difference:

  • Dedicate a spoon for your spiritual work.
  • Stir clockwise and build energy.
  • Stir counter-clockwise and release energy.

This ritual is particularly beautiful when done with a group of women, each with her own special spoon.



RITUAL: SOUP TO HEAL THE WORLD - you really can make a difference

I once heard astrologer Caroline Casey say, "Imagination lays the tracks for the reality train to follow."

With her words in mind, I created a ritual called "Soup to Heal the World." The visible action is to fill a pot with ingredients to make the world a better place. The "pot" used in the ritual was a large liner for a fire pit.

This group ritual, filled with color and action, proved more potent than any of us, myself included, imagined.

In this ritual, participants used the Spirit Spoons they had dedicated during the previous ritual.


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