Let Me Help You Create a Personal Ritual

You made it! Come. Join me here on the porch. Did you notice the cairn of stones at the end of the road? Each stone has a story. Did you see the light from the candle on the table? Did you quicken your steps when you caught wind of the frankincense wafting from the window? This cauldron of apple cider – that’s for you. Help yourself. Settle into one of the rocking chairs.

I’ve been in this secluded cottage for the past few years, caring for a man whose love for me was right out of a fairy tale. We had been married for 41 years and 8 days when he died.

During those last few years, creating things that are both beautiful and useful kept me grounded. As you explore the treasures I offer, you’ll see how many of them are connected, directly or indirectly, to a ritual.

You might hear the tinkling of fairy bells or the swish of my magic wand.

Rest assured, you’re in the right place.

Connecticut celebrant Zita Christian with baby blessing ritual nest and owl stones

By appointment … or by fate

  • You might have an idea for a ritual and need guidance.
  • You might have no experience and want to work with someone who can help you shape a ritual for a specific need.
  • You might lead a Moon Circle and want to explore ideas with another ritualist.

Let’s talk.

We begin with a free 15-minute Zoom session. From there, I’ll let you know if I think I can help. And you can let me know if you want to schedule a working session. Working sessions are $75 an hour.

I’ll send you a questionnaire for you to complete before our appointment. Your answers will help us save time.

During the working session, we’ll start with a general outline, then revise it to meet your particular situation.

While I’m certain we can accomplish a lot in an hour, please understand that it may take more time to complete a complex ritual. In the end, I’ll email you with notes and next steps.

If you're leading a Moon Circle, I can help you with the structure and stage direction for your particular ritual.